The name b1n4ry (pronounced binary) spawned out of the post-internet and online culture. A single change in binary code changes the entire functionality of the code. b1n4ry wants to explore realms deep within people's psyche using archetypes and symbolism that evoke deep contemplation. The work will always be a constant evolution through different spaces using the medium to best express his vision and create unique environments. His work draws from mathematics, Euclidean geometry, particle physics, and quantum theory and continues to expand in the direction of current sciences and technology. The interaction that biological forms have with technology and the shaky line we draw in between nature and technology also plays a big inspiration. This exploration of technology also examines what it means to communicate using the newly discovered means of communication, and how recession to online realms affect individuals within their local communities. 

Another big part of the intention behind b1n4ry Visuals is to create unique immersive environments with the intention of inspiring others to see things differently; with the same spirit of inspiration that initiated b1n4ry. This is achieved through painting, projection mapping and live visualization with video, motion graphics and many other applications of interactive graphic technology to stimulate a shift in perspective and consciousness or to inspire meta-programming through visual harmony with audio frequencies. Much of his work embraces the notion of collaboration and he is involved in several different art collectives, organizations and a co-founder of an experiential design studio that work towards the advancement of the arts and the creation of art in a variety of mediums. 

b1n4ry is currently focused on expanding our artistic language deeper into the realms of computing and technological advances. He has had a number of shows, showcasing his still artworks and has performed alongside a number of amazing musical artists. He continually and frequently puts out pieces of his graphic work, paints, and produces music videos and motion graphics content. He is also working to start some ventures that will harness that power that Denver has to offer artistically.